Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun in the Zone

Finished the first weekend on the new youth project and had a blast. We played and did "lessons" with the Adobe Creative suite and came up with a couple of names: AMP'D for Arts Music Poetry Development and HoodBytes for the domain name and YouTube series they are going to produce. It was interesting to see the teenagers envision how they will teach how to do this during the school year. They have a part school/part play kind of idea. I was surprised a bit why they seemed to want how they teach to be like school. I suppose it's not that surprising given that's what most of my preservice teachers come with. This time, though, the kids are in charge so I'll just be following. Fun indeed.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Eyes Wide Open

Been really busy lately!

I'm teaching my summer class, Literacy Learning as Social Practice, again and am totally loving it. I really enjoy it as my students open their eyes and their minds. We have a great class with lots of honest and provocative discussions. My students always amaze me.

I received a letter from Geoffrey Canada notifying me that any use of the phrase "children's zone" is a violation of his copyright. Wow. So, I've had to go in and change some of my blog entries. Who knew. I have to admit I find this a bit over the top. Isn't the point to change lives, not to draw lines around words?

I worked with an amazing group of youth in the "community zone" (note the phrase change) last week on a proposal for a program they designed. If funded, we will design and implement a youth designed and taught literacy program that brings together artistic and "tech" kids to produce podcasts, music videos, a name it. It will be so exciting.

Lots to do indeed.